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In celebration of the holidays and the new year, I wanted to give away a copy of BONESHAKER to one lucky participant. BONESHAKER is truly an amazing novel and I can't help but love it even more for introducing me to steampunk. For more information on one of my favorite reads of 2009, check out my review and my interview with author Cherie Priest! You really don't want to miss out on this one, trust me.

And now for the giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a brand new copy of BONESHAKER. If I get a plethora of entries, I will up the ante to TWO books/winners. Oh, and did I mention that the contest is International? :)

To Enter:



- Giveaway is International!
- Must be over 13 to enter
- Extra entries included in the form
- BONUS: Take 'The Steampunk Style Test' and post your results for an extra entry :)

Giveaway ends January 1st, 2010!


Tales of Whimsy said...

Cool. Thank you for this. :) I'm entering right now.

Charlotte said...

Thanks for this cool giveway, and thank you for making it international ! After having read the review and the interview, you really made me want to read this book !

Oh, and I had fun answering The Steampunk Style Test. Apparently I'm an Explorer : 29% Elegant (thank you...), 34% Technological (does html count ?), 43% Historical (really ?!), 52% Adventurous (Oh yeah !) and 43% Playful (does playing Scrabble count ?).

Thanks again. :)

ninefly said...

hehe I'm a "Ragamuffin" 18% Elegant (lol), 41% Technological (I love tech), 40% Historical (are you sure?), 40% Adventurous (wee~) and 51% Playful (8D)

that was fun XD;

throuthehaze said...

I took the quiz and I am an "Air Pirate"
21% Elegant, 41% Technological, 7% Historical, 56% Adventurous and 60% Playful

Anonymous said...

Enter me please!


Ellz said...

Great contest, here are my results...
The Explorer
36% Elegant, 34% Technological, 30% Historical, 48% Adventurous and 43% Playful!

Elie (Ellz Readz)

christine(booktumbling) said...

Great giveaway! So want to read this book!
I am a Ragamuffin
11% Elegant 31% Technological 48% Adventurous
71% Playful

Kristen said...

I'm an Explorer:

29% Elegant, 55% Technological, 43% Historical, 72% Adventurous and 14% Playful!

dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

Marce said...

I entered....

and I'm Doctor Josephine Bell (the Mad Scientist)
15% Cerys, 56% Ras, 60% Bell, 24% Wilde, 18% LeClerc, 17% Kendrick and 15% Fuzzy!

Melissa (Books R Us) said...

I am Chief Inspector Dominique Cerys (the Detective)
48% Cerys, 41% Ras, 40% Bell, 24% Wilde, 39% LeClerc, 33% Kendrick and 26% Fuzzy!


Dani. said...

Here are my results...

The Aristocrat
68% Elegant, 55% Technological, 53% Historical, 32% Adventurous and 11% Playful!

Jess Capelle said...

My results:
The Explorer
14% Elegant, 41% Technological,
7% Historical, 60% Adventurous and
60% Playful!

great contest- I've been wanting to read Boneshaker for a while!

jessicacapelle at gmail dot com

Alyssa Kirk said...

I'm arcanist major Edmund Ras. What does that mean???

Shweta said...

I am THE EXPLORER.. That quiz was fun :)

Esther said...

Very cool.

I'm The Explorer

25% Elegant, 17% Technological, 37% Historical, 56% Adventurous and 54% Playful!

Morgan @ BLT said...

So cool.....gonna share this on twitter!

I'm The Explorer

14% Elegant, 21% Technological, 23% Historical, 68% Adventurous, and 68% Playful.

katsrus said...

The Aristocrat
57% Elegant, 48% Technological, 50% Historical, 16% Adventurous and 26% Playful!

Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.

Coistycat said...

I am a Citizen and my results are
43% Elegant, 17% Technological, 50% Historical, 32% Adventurous and 49% Playful!

I suppose it is not to bad LOL

Right off to enter this wonderful giveaway. Thank for running it.

Good Luck Everyone xx

Marian Perera said...

I'm a Gadgeteer, 36% Elegant, 90% Technological, 27% Historical, 28% Adventurous and 20% Playful!

The "elegant" part is important. :) As for all those questions about goggles, it made me want to quote that line from The Simpsons: "My eyes! The goggles do nothing!"

Sarah E said...

I took the test and here are my results:

The Citizen

36% Elegant, 14% Technological, 57% Historical, 24% Adventurous and 51% Playful!

saemmerson at yahoo dot com

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